PracticeDev Solves Digital Challenges

Protect, Promote, and Develop your Attorney Practice

The digital marketing landscape is always changing. We’ve been seeing trends that are dramatically changing the landscape, and every business, every professional practice and consulating services firm needs to come to terms with this brave new world.

National firms are commoditizing your offerings. Just as H&R Block disrupted the accounting world and changed how America prepares their taxes, companies like LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer are capturing the attention of the next generation of professionals. While it seems innocuous, law firms have national competition. At first, disruption takes the form of the little things your practice might not want to focus on, but as organizations like these develop trust with consumers and business alike, they quickly scale up.

What’s alarming to us, as digital marketing consultants is how they are capturing market share—via digital marketing. They are after your leads.

Law firms and other consulatory practices have been mush slower to adopt digital strategies to capture new leads. Because we’re in the relationship business, we naturally gravitate to our local community to reach out. Face to face is easy for us and contributing to our community is also second nature. Digital marketing seems excessive, because what we’ve been doing for all these years still works. That’s the trap we’re seeing.

In the venture capital world, we call this “Founder’s Syndrome”. Our whole career has taught us, proven to us what works. Because of this, we’re hesitant to try something new.

National disruptors have begun targeting your local market. Digital marketing provides a direct reach into your community. And if you’re not competing, then they win. Our call to the legal professional is simple and clear. You need to start focusing on digital. What’s at stake? Only the future of your practice.

Protect, promote, and develop your attorney practice. Grow your firm.

PracticeDev is the one source for all your digital needs.

PracticeDev is focused on Legal

We built PracticeDev because we understand attorneys. Longbow Strategic Group, Inc., (the Company), has been perfecting delivering these services—internet, IT, and security solutions—since 2003.

Longbow runs like a law firm. We meet clients for discovery, determining their needs. From this we provide a proposal, all we think the client needs. The client then chooses what they’d like us to do, and the proposal turns into an agreement. While we can work at project rate, our rate card provides discounts based on how much work we provide. The more work, the lower the rate. Our rate card drives to retainer—intentionally.

We call our firm a boutique, meaning, we’d rather provide a deep array of services to fewer, quality customers. In the marketing business, we realize that to be effective for you, to return value on your investment, we need to know your business. A cursory scan of your firm is not enough to know who you are, what you’re best at, and where you’re most profitable. Working on retainer, we learn who you are.

Much of our work promoting you is content marketing. Over time , we learn to speak in your voice and target the audience you really need to reach; not doing so is wasteful and less effective.

With attorney clients in Elder Law and Estate Planning, Tax Planning and Retirement Benefits—we work like a financial investment firm. Instead of a hundred new clients this year, we’d rather focus on four or five per month. We know we can be much more effective and engaged working with high value clients, operating exactly like our clients do.

PracticeDev is the expression of all our experience working in the legal space.

We’ve taken all we know in how to build effective digital marketing, relevant content marketing and targeted outreach. We’ve also leveraged our partners and colleagues to provide tailored IT services, document management, digital security and business continuity—exactly what attorney practices need to thrive.We look forward to growing with your practice.

The name, PracticeDev, perfectly sums up what we do. If you’ve struggled to find a web firm, marketing agency, and/or IT company that understands your needs, then we welcome the opportunity to speak with you, at your convenience.