Do you need help marketing your business?

For over 20 years, we’ve been living and breathing advertising, marketing, and promotion. Branding, web, print, event display, outreach, and promotional products—we’d love to help.


Brevard.Biz promotes you on social media and the web. 


A Directory Listing is our first offering—and you can start with a Free Listing.


Articles is the next step. An article on our site is promoted on our social media channels and yours. Social media is great, but you don’t own your Facebook page, LinkedIn account, or Pinterest boards.

We’re great at writing articles and then promote them on our website, on yours, on social media channels and more.

Brevard.Biz helps promote your business, big and small. And we love Brevard County. When we buy local, we keep our neighbors in business.

To start an article, pass us ideas to promote you, entire articles or just the main points. We’ll take it from there. And remember, we’re marketing guys, not journalists. Our mission is to promote you.

Managing Social Media

From here, we can help you manage you social media accounts. We can augment your team or do it all. From strategies and goals, we write and publish original content, and work in short term campaigns, as well as manage paid advertising on social.


Adept at designing, building and promoting your web site(s), we’d love to serve your business.

Local matters

Advertising and marketing is evolving. Many businesses are being disrupted by large corporations that are eating into local market share. The big guys are targeting local markets and have been pulling more and more from small business. Amazon, Ebay and Google Shopping are gobbling up our businesses.

By working together as a community, we can beat this trend. If the Wuhan Coronavirus tells us anything, we need to build local economy and regional supply chains.

So how can you respond?

If you’re still doing things the way you’ve always done them, I’d bet you’re losing market share. Not long ago, having a great web site provided a return. But, have your internet sales, traffic and referrals disappeared?

Giant, global firms are using digital marketing to take away local market share. To beat them, we simply need to compete.

Local knowledge of our audience can win, but only by taking up the same tools and proven methods. Ignoring digital will only deepen the divide.

Next Steps

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