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We’re a small business, serving Brevard County, FL since 1998. Brevard.Biz exists to promote business in Florida’s Space Coast. When you buy local, you support your neighbors.

Support your community by buying goods and services from local business.

Share our articles and posts on social media, tell your friends, and bless your neighbors. Spread the word, it all helps. Social media is social. When you comment, like and share good experiences with local merchants, it helps guide others. Add your voice to our site, and the sites and social media of the businesses we list.

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You start a listing by the Sign Up Page and Sign Up Form.
We them make it beautiful with some graphic design. We’ll contact you to get your logo and a photo or two.

*Our site is in beta—we’re improving it every day. Current pricing is promotional and will probably change in the near future, so lock in a yearly at the ridiculously low rate. This supports us and allows us to spend more time promoting you.


The Listing Ad lives on every page and will rotate. They are sized at 226 x 220 pixels. For now, everyone gets one, but in the future this will be a Pro level upgrade. We make these for you, or you can submit them.

Ads link to your listing. Your listing then links to your site and social media.

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An Underwriter is a foundational supporter. Your advertising is recognized at our highest level and we give you, ALL OF THE ABOVE, on this site, and our other sites.

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Articles are super beneficial. We write, publish and promote articles that promote you. At Longbow, we are content marketers. Articles and social media posts are content. Original content, built on keywords, and tuned for search.

Red Robin Delivers

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We also post on social media. As part of our normal promotion, we post briefs that link to our site.

As part of our paid services, we can manage your social accounts, create ads and original articles and campaigns. And, we can use paid promotion to boost your Facebook posts.

Digital Marketing

We’re pretty good at this stuff. Just having your website or Facebook page is great, but when other sites talk about you and link to you, that’s where digital marketing happens. Brevard.Biz is one of those third party sites that turn your marketing into real, word of mouth, promotion. It’s effective.

By offering these services to you here, for free or super cheap, we’re proving our value. As you see the effectiveness of Brevard.Biz, look to us to help build our upgrade your website, promote you with articles and content marketing, and super charge your social media outreach.

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