Longbow is Targeted Marketing

Looking for a partner, to help you market you business? Longbow is a boutique advertising and marketing agency. Boutique means, they work for a small number of clients, giving you the attention you deserve.

Longbow becomes an extension of your marketing department—a force multiplier.

We often work with owners and senior staff, marketing directors and managers. We augment your team. Longbow gives you access to an array of services with the experience to accomplish goals.

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If you’re always in fire drill mode, hopping from one tactical issue to the next, then you need help.

Our process is inclusive. We work with you to refine ideas and better execute campaigns. From research and analytics to marketing planning, we help you see the bigger picture and capitalize on all the details you may be missing.

Writing and editing, we can better search optimize your sites and improve conversions. And our in-house graphic design and illustration skills can quickly create unique visuals to get your message across.

Since 2003, Longbow Strategic Group, has provided targeted marketing services to their clients. Advertising can be expensive, but the most expensive advertising never reaches your intended audience. 

“Advertising is so wasteful”, Eric Needle, Longbow’s founder explains. “By understanding who your customers really are, we spend less and reach more people—people who are more likely to become a customer.”

We understand that to be of value to clients, we have to know them. Every organization needs to know who they are, what they do and most importantly, who they serve. On top of that, we need to understand your market, your competition, and how you are different from others. That’s where we begin, by defining your brand.


Longbow’s first focus is on brand. By understanding how you fit in your local market, we can talk about what makes you special and why people need you over the competition. Targeted marketing first understands what sets you apart. When we know this we can better understand who your customers are. 

Every ad, every campaign speaks to one person at a time. We craft your message, understanding what client needs are not being met, and how your company can solve their problems. This message become content.

Content Marketing 

All marketing is content marketing. Longbow has been writing and editing, unique, relevant content for each and every client we’ve ever worked for. Content takes many forms, including:

  • Pages on your site, Ads in magazines, Presentations and Pitch Decks
  • Articles, Stories, Blog Posts and Social Media Posts
  • News, Press Releases, Newsletters
  • Testimonials, Case Studies, Success Stories
  • Graphics, Illustrations, Infographics
  • Video, Webinars, Podcasts

Each of these talks about you, your people, your organization, your products and your services. Content draws people to you, in need of the services you provide. And content speaks to different audiences. Understanding who we’re speaking to is what separates relevant content from noise.

Because the market is flooded with nonsense. That’s why it’s become so hard to reach your future customers. The volume and the lack of focus has taught your audience to tune out. Understanding this is the key. 

Digital Marketing

The last key Longbow focuses on is Digital. Online marketing is the most cost-effective way to reach your audience. It’s how we can target people who really need your services. 

Old school, or traditional media, still works. Longbow has deep understanding how to deploy traditional media, advertising and marketing. The problem is, it’s expensive. Want to reach an audience across the state of Florida—or only in East Central Florida? Drop $12k, per month, on an ad in Florida Trend. We love working here, but most small businesses, dipping their toe in advertising world can’t justify the spend with no proof it will return the investment.

We love public relations, working to get you covered in the trade publication, the magazine of your industry, or even in mass media. Want to get covered on Fox News or CNN? Our connections can make that a reality, but it’s not cheap. 

Digital, allows us to build your reach over time. We can compete with the big guys, locally. It’s evens the playing field, but the problem is, most of you aren’t advertising at all. And national corporations are attacking your local markets.

To close, this article isn’t the answer to all your questions about how to market your business. Each of your needs are unique. It takes a specialist to figure out your unique formula to marketing. 

At Longbow, we call ourselves a boutique. We don’t want 100 new clients this year, we seek 4 to 6. We know that to be effective, we need to know you. For those clients we can help, we become an extension of your marketing department. And prove ourselves with each and every project, one step at a time. 

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