Beat the Heat with Tint from Sunbusters

Even though we’re in the middle of the COVID19 crisis, Summer is on it’s way. In Florida’s Space Coast, that means, nine months of sunshine and hot days are almost upon us. As we get back to normal, and we’re seeing more and more traffic on the roads, it’s a great time to use your downtime to get your car’s windows tinted.

Quality Paint Protection and Window Tinting

I used to think all tint was alike, but my friend Charles, from Sunbusters Window Tinting on Babcock, in Melbourne has just proved me wrong.

Sunbusters uses the best LLumar® ceramic tint on the market. In Florida, beating the UV is important, but taming the heat is the real benefit.

The Shop

Before the shut-down, I was able to get my Kia tinted at Sunbusters Window Tinting in Melbourne. The shop is immaculate. Charles wore a mask and gloves during the process of applying the window tint. He also sanitized the vehicle before entering it.

I took advantage of a slow season to get my car tinted, and it helped a local small business keep their doors open. Now, more than ever, we need to support our neighbors. Stimulus checks are meant to stimulate the economy, so if you are doing ok, please spend some of it locally.

The Install

I can’t stress enough the quality of both the materials Sunbusters uses—and the skill and precision I witnessed in the installation of my new window tint. I’m humbled that my little Kia got such attention. And as I look through the huge gallery of work he’s done, I’m blown away by the kind of cars he works on.

Charles used LLumar® IRX (Infrared Ceramic Film) and Air Blu 80 on the windshield for maximum heat rejection and UV protection.

I was not thinking about the front windshield, but Charles explains that UV protection through the front is critical for me, the driver. When I first got in and drove I took my sunglasses off. They weren’t needed.

And it’s crazy how much cooler the car is inside. Especially when you get in on a hot day.

The story takes a pause here, but in the next installment of this article, we’re going to put science to the test. You see my wife, also has a Kia Soul. Like a Science Fair Project, we’re going to take temperatures inside our identical cars, and see exactly how much cooler it is. And then we’ll get hers done.

Honestly, I don’t know how I’ve survived without this tint on my Kia. We live in Florida, people. It’s 9 months of sunshine and hot.

For more info, call Charles at (321) 984-9854 or visit his site—and support a great local business.