Pizza Kits from Slices Pizza

We just picked up an order from Slices Pizza in Melbourne, Florida.

Slices Pizza in Melbourne on Eau Gallie

First off, their pizza is amazing. Crust was crispy, sauce was clean and delicious, and the cheese was incredible. If you only order from big chains, I highly suggest you reach out to our local pizza shops and discover the difference. Our order was refreshingly good.

They’re offering delivery and pick-up. Ordering was simple. They have a great site and you can download an app.

Pizza Kit

Take & Bake Pizza Kit from Slices Pizza

In this box, you’re looking at two (2) soon to be pizzas. Slices Pizza is offering special pricing of just $6 for a Pizza Kit.

We’re value conscious in our house, and you just can’t beat the quality of ingredients. Making your own is perfect to get your home-bound kids in on the action. In my past, I was a pizza spinner. I’ll break out some flour and can’t wait to put these in the oven.

All of our local restaurants are struggling. Please, order up some local to go, and help keep great businesses like Slices Pizza cooking.

Order a TAKE & BAKE Pizza Kit

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