Cheddar’s To Go

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen is a family favorite in West Melbourne, Florida. On a slow Friday, with all of us working from home, I noticed a lack on enthusiasm pervading the household. The fix was easy, we called Cheddar’s.

Cheddar’s is open, and serving up an incredible deal.


Family Bundles start at just $19.99!

Our scratch-made meals are now packaged up To Go and ready for the whole fam to enjoy.

And enjoy them we just did. Thank you, Cheddar’s!

They call this southern comfort food, and we are sure feeling better after this lunch. Driving around West Melbourne, we saw many places open, none of them crowded.

Neighbors, support our local businesses. Call for delivery or pickup and keep our local restaurants in business throughout this crisis.

Croissants at Cheddar’s

For offers, visit Cheddar’s in West Melbourne Facebook page or their Website.